We started out as FRUTI TAIPINA in 1989 but have been in the fruit business since the 1950s. Our origins are in the Centre of Portugal, in the Coimbra region, and have a family experience covering two generations with an even older tradition in fruit-growing.

With our accumulated know-how and a team of 100 employees, we are a modern company with cutting-edge technology, working in conjunction with carefully chosen domestic producers, throughout Portugal. We grow and build relationships of trust with them, taking fresh fruit and vegetables all year long to our long-standing customers and partners throughout the world.

We are a world of flavours, textures and colours.

Every day we ensure the quality, safety and freshness of the multitude of fresh fruit and vegetables that we sell and distribute. We monitor every stage of the productive cycle, from field to product dispatch, guaranteeing a sustainable productive chain and an extensive range of products and solutions.

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